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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The invasion is soon coming...

Well, get ready Toontowners, because after my scouting trip to the city this past weekend, I will be coming with full force this coming weekend. Getting paid will do this to a person. You've all been warned. I will be calling some of you Thursday to try and map out a general plan, but all plans have to involve me getting shitfaced. I've been in need of this for a long time. If anyone that I don't normally hang with but read my blog nonetheless are interested, that's cool. I will generally just refer you to Joel or Brad for the answers to life's most pressing concerns. A good time is (hopefully) guaranteed.

Also, to all those involved in the now dead CD exchange, I stole my mix back from Joel to re-copy. If anyone wants a copy, just post on here. I like the idea of giving out copies to everyone that feels interested. I can't guarantee elaborate liner notes like Joel's copy had, because those have disappeared after a computer crash. I won't guarantee that I'll try to re-print those notes, which were both witty and informative, but I'll try to try.

Well, not much else to say. I got into a big Sloan kick recently, and I don't know how many Sloan fans there are out there, but I decided to simplify my life greatly by making my own "Best of" mix for future Sloan kicks, and also as a celebration of their own Greatest Hits comp that was released recently (which I have no need to pick up). It is great, but I can't take all the credit for it, the band does deserve the praise. For those that are interested, and for those that aren't (stupid Lyla, somehwat indifferent Joel), here is the tracklist plus singer album and year:

1. C'mon C'mon (Jay, Navy Blues, 1998)
2. So Beyond Me (Chris/Patrick, Between the Bridges, 1999)
3. Deeper Than Beauty (Chris, Twice Removed, 1994)
4. Can't Face Up (Patrick, One Chord To Another, 1996)
5. Keep On Thinkin' (Chris, Navy Blues, 1998)
6. False Alarm (Jay, Action Pact, 2003)
7. Coax Me (Chris, Twice Removed, 1994)
8. Who You Talkin' To? (Jay/Chris, Pretty Together, 2001)
9. Everything You've Done Wrong (Patrick, One Chord to Another, 1996)
10. I Am the Cancer (Chris, Smeared, 1992)
11. People of the Sky (Andrew, Twice Removed, 1994)
12. A Long Time Coming (Patrick, Between the Bridges, 1999)
13. She Says What She Means (Chris, Navy Blues, 1998)
14. The Lines You Amend (Jay/Chris, One Chord to Another, 1996)
15. The Other Man (Chris, Pretty Together, 2001)
16. The Edge of the Scene (Chris/Jay, Don't You Believe a Word b-side, 2000)
17. Hollow Head (Patrick, Action Pact, 2003)
18. All By Ourselves (Chris, Between the Bridges, 1999)
19. Seems So Heavy (Andrew, Navy Blues, 1998)
20. The Good In Everyone (Patrick, One Chord to Another, 1996)
21. Snowsuit Sound (Jay, Twice Removed, 1994)
22. Nothing Lasts Forever Anymore (Chris, Action Pact, 2003)
23. I Can Feel It (Patrick, Twice Removed, 1994)

It's pretty kickass. I recommend downloading any of those songs, some of which you are porbably familiar with, others maybe not as much.

Pumped about picking up The Woods by Sleater-Kinney this weekend. It's getting top notch reviews, was produced by Mercury Rev's David Friddman (formerly of that amazing band The Flaming Lips, now their producer), and features an 11 minute guitar solo (!)... not bad for a 7th album. Few bands have this in them at this point in their careers.

Alright, now I'm just annoying myself with my gush-fest.


Blogger Ewan said...

I'd like a copy for sure. I'm also going to try and get people listening to the cd i far no one has...but i haven't done too good of a job in passing it.

I love Sloan. They've been a favourite of mine for years and one of the few bands i Loved as a kid that i still love today. My bro went and saw them 2 weeks ago and he's been playing their cds non-stop ever since.

Good choices, especially the opener, "C'Mon C'Mon". I've always love that one.

1:17 PM  
Blogger Ewan said...

I know it's an obvious choice...actually, because of it being an obvious choice, where is Money City Maniacs? That song is undeniably a great rocking song. It's unreal live i might add.

Other favourites of mine not on your list include: Don't You Believe a Word (Jay, Between the Bridges), Autobiography (Chris, One Chord To Another), On the Horizon (Andrew, Navy Blues), The Great Wall (Andrew, Pretty Together).

For the record, "The Lines You Amend" is my favourite Sloan tune an d i'm ever so glad that they do it live.

1:35 PM  
Blogger El Brucio said...

Money City Maniacs is a fantastic tune, but I determined I had enough of the big songs on there that I'd go for the simpler pleasures. Plus,
I can still hear it often enough in bars big and small in this country.

Had a tough time with the Andrew selections. "On the Horizon" probably would have made a better choice than "Seems So Heavy". "Sensory Deprivation" is another great Andrew tune, but it was too long. If I were to re-do it, I'd probably leave "Nothing Lasts Forever Anymore" off. Doesn't quite fit on the disc.

I put "At the Edge of the Scene" on the disc in favour of "Don't You Believe A Word" (both are Jay written, though 'Scene' is a duet with Chris), mainly because it's a b-side that I wouldn't listen to otherwise, while I will still listen to Between the Bridges. I could have had both, but then I'd be over-representing that album, though it is a very good one (highly underrated).

"I Am the Cancer" and "The Lines You Amend" are probably my two favorite Sloan songs, though it's tough to choose.

5:58 PM  

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