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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Moving on...

I'm not going to do any discussing in detail of my grandma's funeral or any events relating to it on here. It was a nice service, and a fantastic turnout. There were some different experiences for me personally, such as being a pallbearer and hearing a will being read for the first time, but aside from that, you're getting nothing about any other details of the events surrounding the funeral on this blog. Except, of note, an edited version of my last blog entry was made available to be read on a table of pictures of Grandma through the years in the church's basement. That is all.

Anyways, I'll make this entry mainly about events happening in the world.

First off, the new pope. I'm not Catholic, and my political views often fall on the liberal or socialist side of the spectrum, but I think people are lacking perspective on the election of Benedict XVI. Some people seem to think that a new pope can only be good if he moves the Church forward on a number of hot button issues, be it contraceptives/birth control, abortion, female priesthood, gay rights, etc. Most of these issues are western-centric, and not of great concern to a vast number of the world's Catholics (although contraceptives is). There are legitimate questions of faith to be answered regarding these issues, but I fail to see how an opinion one way or another takes away from him being the "spiritual leader" of the church. Plus, the Church had a great paradigm shift not even 50 years ago with the Vatican II Council... if anything, Cardinal Ratzinger's work on the Doctrine of the Faith or whatever his position was officially called was hardline in only to establish the boundaries set forth from that Council. Councils invite change, but normally the Church is not an institution of change... when it happens, it is delibirated on for a very long period of time before it happens. And there won't be a Vatican III anytime soon... although I'd expect some form of dialogue should happen involving female priesthood in my lifetime.

Secondly... Paul Martin is delivering a prime time message from the PMO tomorrow night, a 6 minute long infomercial outlining his objectives regarding the Gomery Comission and the sponsorship scandal in general... and a plea to not want to demand the dissolving of his sorry-ass government. This will be the 4th time in Canada's history that a PM has delivered a televised announcement/speech from the office of the Prime Minister during prime time (and we're talking prime time in Ontario and Quebec, of course)... the first was in October 1970, when Trudeau announced he was invoking the War Measures Act. The second was after the Meech Lake Accord tanked, and delivered by Mulroney. The third was just prior to the Quebec referrendum in 1995, delivered by Chr├ętien.

The first 3 dealt with BIG issues. Our nation's security was in danger in 1970; in 1991, we were in a massive debate about our Constitution; and in 1995 we were dealing with a threat to the Confederation. Martin is using his time to talk about an ongoing inquiry into illegal activity in the government... hardly a national crisis. It's a 6 minute commercial for what is certain to be another June election, when the opposition parties finally topple this minority government.

He's desperate... and he's losing the job he felt he deserved his entire life. That his daddy didn't get back in 1968... I don't know if he will lose the next election, but I certainly don't see why he should get another chance.

Anyways, there you go. A big issue post... politics, religion, and history. Next time, I promise fluff.


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