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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

I've had my moments

Sunny days are here again... I don't think we had a +30 day all last year in that brutal, cool, wet summer of '04. The river is rushing at full steam, Gardiner Dam is kicking major ass, and on the first day of summer we crack +30. That is kickass.

I am tenatively planning a trip to the Calgary Stampede on the 8th-11th. I was going to take a half-day on the 8th, but now I'm leaning towards a full day and leave around 10 AM. Have to clear everything with good ole Ryan D, though. Free entertainment that weekend consists of K-OS, Rooney, and Hot Hot Heat. Fun should be had by all, which of course means me, since I'm travelling solo.

Wow, no posting since May 30. Sleater-Kinney's new one still kicks major ass.

If you want to hear metal at it's most zany, ridiculous, yet kickass, check out System of a Down's Mesemerize. Crazy shit and fun as hell.

Listening to the Chemical Brothers' Surrender today... is there a better electronic music tune than "Out of Control"? Pure brilliance.

I will proudly stick my neck out for The White Stripes' new album, Get Behind Me Satan. People seem rather tenative regarding this disc, but I enjoy it's eccentricity. Plus, I played mallets in my high school band, so I rather am enjoying seeing them featured so prominently in a rock band with the White Stripes' pedigre. And "Little Ghost" is just flat out enjoyable, and the kind of songwriting that made us all fall in love with the band. It's by no means a classic (nor the band's best album), but it sure as hell beats Elephant, although that record could have been great... the songs just weren't there from start to finish.

I have undertook a new project... it may be a tad ridiculous, but whatever. I gave each of the CD's that are on my shelf unit a number (from top to bottom, left to right... in alphabetical order, etc), and then found a random number generator online to draw up a set of 25 numbers. I picked the CDs that corresponded with those numbers and now I must choose a song from the album to put on a mix CD, entitled "Random Doses of Bruce". There are guidelines, like only representing one artist per disc, but it gives me a chance to re-listen to some albums and it doesn't allow me to edit out my past taste... Although I already took some CDs and stashed them in my closet because I had no space for them anymore and never listened to them anyways. But some stuff that I never listen to survived. Anyways, I will post the results of my first volume of the series when it is picked out, and you can ask me "why the fuck do you own that?" then, and others will be "ha, i remembered when you listened to that shit, you loser!". good times will be had at my expense.