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Thursday, August 18, 2005

The delicate art of resurrection.

Hey, look! New post! Woohoo!

During my disappearance from the world of blogging, I was off fighting a harrowing battle of life and death. I have returned, and all is presumably well. The world is safe now, but for how long?

Well, I am trucking along at a relatively leisurely pace in my reading of the Half-Blood Prince, which I did not start as soon as I purchased, like most did. I was reading the new Nick Hornby at the time, and then my father picked it up and I let him finish before I got into it. I'm over half-way through, I should finish relatively soon. My reading of the first 5 books was much quicker, mainly because I was unemployed at the time of me reading them. Chapter 2 of this book was quite gripping, just as Colleen described. The glimpses into the Death Eaters lives... they're teases, but good ones. The isolation at Hogwarts is actually getting rather frustrating for me... but I'm sure that will change soon enough.

I finally saw Ewan's band, The Breaks, at Lydia's during the Fringe, and it was an excellent show. Tons of energy... too bad I wasn't a bit more energetic myself.

The Constantines were another excellent showcase, except for that awful opening act (not From Chimpan-A to Chimpan-Z, the other band). Standing next to Jay Ferguson from Sloan was very cool, and then seeing him onstage for the encore was even cooler.

Weddings... it is with excitement that I tell you that one of my oldest friends, and one of my best friends growing up, is getting hitched on the Thanksgiving weekend. Bryce Paslowski of Rama, Sask., is marrying his longtime girlfriend, Stephanie Trach, in Rama. Rama weddings are pretty fun, and this should be even better. One odd thing... their gift registry is at Canadian Tire. How small town can that be? Surprised it isn't at the Saan Store or Co-op.

Also of note, the basketball coach that I assisted this past school year, Paul Engen, is currently in Royal University Hospital after a seizure. They have ruled out a heart problem, which is very good considering his family's history with those. He's still a young guy with a very young family, this is a very bizarre and shocking turn for him. He's in good shape... I can't imagine what has triggered this, especially during the summer. Even with class preparations, teachers don't face a lot of stress at this time of year in comparison.

Well, to brighten up the weekend, it's FolkFest, so Friday night should be a fun night out. Saturday I will be celebrating a birthday (Scot Evacheski), after picking out my sister's birthday gift upcoming. A package will be sent over to England on Monday, girls, so be patient. It will be worth it.

Anyways, don't call it a comeback. That's enough for now.


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